Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I do all Day…

Sammy and Matthew Well, I was recently asked what I did all day by a friend when she came to visit. I thought it was a funny question because although nothing amazingly different has happened, we are quite busy! So, for any of you that are wondering what I do with my day, I thought I would share. Winking smile

5:30- 6:00 AM ~ Wake up, get ready for day, and tidy house (occasionally, skim through emails before going outside to work).                

6:40 or 7ish AM ~ Milk cow, horses (groom, clean hooves, move to pasture, quick tune up, and fill water), feed Normandy (the baby cow), quick tidy up of the barn as I go back to the house.

8:40 AM ~ Breakfast and Bible study

9:40- 10:00 AM ~ Do chores that are appointed to me by momma or papa.

11:30 AM ~ Start making lunch and tidying up the kitchen

12:30 AM ~ Clean up after lunch and tidy up house

1:30 PM ~ Back out side to do gardening, horse training or school

(during this time something extra normally happens. Like a visit from the vet, or a unexpected visit from our friends, or a animal breakout, or…well you get the picture)

5:30 PM ~ Start barn chores which includes, milking the cow, feeding and caring for the horses, checking all goats, quick check (takes about 30 minutes) over the rest of the animals and a little bit of tidying up the barn.

6:30 PM ~ Dinner

7:00 PM ~ Clean house and get ready for bed

8:30 PM ~ Bible study


So, that is what I spend all day doing. I also add little extra things in there but that is the general idea of my day. I hope you enjoyed yet another peak into my life. Smile

Until our next chat…

Beth Joy

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