Friday, May 13, 2011

Learn to surf…

Learn to surfI was born and raised in California. Now, most people think of the big cities, lots of noise and all those other California things… but when I think of California, I think of big mountains, flowing streams, long horse rides…and BEACHES! We lived 20 minutes away from Yosemite and we would often take a little drive to go see the glory of God. My grandparents lived just hours away from the beach so we would also drive to the beach and spend the day finding sea treasures and enjoying our grandparents.                 Now, we live in Kansas and our only hope is that half the continent will fall off and we will have beach from property. But, that is highly unlikely so instead we spend our summer days swimming in our creek or a nearby pond. My older sister, Bekah, is still very hopeful that half the continent will fall off and no one will be inured in that event… *giggles*

Beth Joy


  1. are too funny! Creeks can be fun too, but I must admit they aren't quite the same as ocean beaches. I used to live in Virginia and loved going to the beach there.

    Maybe you can figure out a way to "surf" on the waves of grain across the state of KS? ;-)

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  2. Kansas lakes, rivers and ponds are just not the same. Maybe hoping that half the continent wil fall off, leaving no one injured isn't a bad idea... =)

  3. see? It isn't that bad of a idea.. ;)