Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rich Blessings

With spring come many rich blessings. My father, who is only home 36 hours twice a month, got a 10 day vacation. We all enjoyed his being home and look forward to his next vacation. My father built a fence with my brothers, made a rock fire place with a son, Josiah, and a dear friend from Idaho.
Mr. Yohn and papa working diligently.

After my father left again for work with my oldest brother Jed, we went back to work. We have been planting our orchard, training animals, planting our spring garden, and simply being children! I made sure to capture the highlights of these past months.

Oh, how I do enjoy our spring garden! It is so refreshing to come in after a hard days work.

Papa and the boys did a splendid job on the fence.

Well, I am off to the garden! Have a blessed day with your family.

Until our next chat...

Beth Joy

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