Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life on the Farm

We have a busy year ahead of our family. My oldest brother, Jed, is getting married to a lovely young lady named Miranda. They have been house-hunting and look forward to making these newlywed decisions together. I have picked my favorite and cast my vote and I look forward to seeing what they decide.

(Look at that house! Isn't it just adorable looking? If you didn't already catch on, that is the one I want them to pick!)

I have been able to save away a little time for trainig my wonderfully spirited horse. Bath time was quite a bit of fun! Miracle is still not sure if bath time is really the best thing for him.

The boys have almost completed their buck and rams pen. They have been working hard to finish it today. I am excited to get those bucks and rams out of 'my' barn and onto the pasture.

We also got a couple of blessings home today. Jasmine and Oscar (two very friendly Kinder kids) arrived safely to Covenant Ranch.

(Jasmine, in all her beauty and grace.)

It is now snack time at the Wood house and I have been chosen to make them delightful little snack.. so with a smile and a joyfuly heart I bid you farewell!

Until our next chat...

Beth Joy


  1. I Love that house! Wow! It is so sweet and homey! I thought your that they were going to live in an addition on your house though? Let us know if they take your advise and pick this lovely little house! I would pick it for our family if we lived up near you all! :D

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  2. They haven't decided yet. I will make sure to post pictures of 'their' home when they decide. :-)