Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wedding

The flowers were perfect, the cake was delicious, the children behaved like little gentlemen and ladies, the guest were a blessing, but the whole night my eyes could hardly wander from Bekah and Jacob... They are a beautiful couple. The love in their eyes for each other is like none other. It is so pure, innocent, and beautiful. Their testimony is sweet and their hearts sweeter still.  I do not beleive that words could describe the wedding. It was, in few words, the most perfect and beautiful event I have seen in a great while!
I could not be more excited for my sister and my new brother-in-love. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughtful emails. Each of the guest made the night so very blessed. We were honored to have each and every one of them with us to celebrate.

Have a beautiful day!
To God be the glory.
Bethany Joy

For More photos please go to the following link:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Only hours away

Excitement is in the air! Rehersals went great... *whew*!
With only hours till the wedding my heart is going over all the precious memories I have with Bekah and Jacob. What a sweet couple they are! They have already brought so much glory to God in their relationship. I continue to learn from the examples that they have set. The past weeks have been filled with nothing but joy and happiness. I couldn't be more thankful to God for bringing such a sweet couple together. As I have watched Bekah grow, as I have learned from Bekah, I have seen God write a glorious story. Today, I am honored to witness the writing of yet another chapter in not only Bekah's life but Jacob's also. Today, Bekah becomes Mrs. Jacob Yohn.

Have a beautiful day dear friends. I will make sure to share pictures of their wedding once the photographer gets some back to us!

To God be the Glory.
Bethany Joy

Friday, March 23, 2012

Down Where the Blue Bonnets Grow

Ah, Spring! The air after a good rain, the kids leaping through the barn, and the beautiful Blue Bonnets....Flowers blooming are surely one of my favorite parts of Spring. The younger children will often bring in bouquets of wild flowers and then they place them so tenderly in any jar or cup that they find suitable for holding their precious and most delicate treasures.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Lamb

Lambing season has begun. It is such a wonderful time of year. In a couple of days the lambs  will start learning how to play, in a couple of weeks they will be leaping across the green dewy pastures, and in a few months they will be matured little lambs and I will be dreaming of next lambing season.
However, not every lambing season goes flawlessly and sometimes we, as caretakers, must take axtra care for one or another sheep/lamb. This year I am thanking God for His tender mercies and for each lamb that has been born. Mocha, one of our sheep, had triplets this year but decided to pick favorites. In cases like this I will take the little lamb that she regects and care for it myself.
I went to the barn and found out this morning that my little Sopia had not been nursed by her mother. I decided to give her a day and then take matters into my own hands. I went out tonight and found the lamb in the same condition. After some warm formula, 2 ml of Bovi-Sera, one pump of omega 3, this little lamb is very content in my lap. Here is a picture of my sweet little Sopia (meaning -Wisdom) only hours after her birth.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ducky Days

I've got a duck...I've got a ducky, I've got a ducky todaaaay!!! Well I actually have 12 little duckies. My favorite is this little Mallard. This little ducky's name is Quackers!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jamie Grace - With You

I can relate to this song! It is very upbeat and silly but the whole A.D.D part is something I totally get. I think I will use this as my new running song.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Horse Training: Jealous

Jealous horses mean extra work for me. Miracle is my "baby" in a way. He knows he is prized in my eyes and I think it has gone to his head a little. Promise on the other hand is just learning that I am truly her friend. It is exciting to see but it means that I need to spend extra time working with her. Every little thing is tested and unless I give her a firm foundation she will not be a sutable riding horse. Because of this I have spent a little less time with Miracle. He is not happy about it to say the least! I worked with him lastweek to find the damage of his jealousy. Lets just say, I think I am making improvement. I'll let you know when I finally get back in the saddle...what a glorious day that will be!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Consuming Fire

 Hebrews 12:29
For our God is a consuming fire.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Horse Training: Promise - My Beautiful Sunshine

I have done it! I have stolen my little darling's heart and I am not about to give it back. She happily follows me everywhere, calls for me while I am gone, and paws at the air excitedly when I return.  I have found myself calling her by many names... Bella, My Beautiful Sunshine, Little bitty (pronouced lil B), Rebel, Cutie, but no matter what I call her she is always going to be my Promise from God.
Today she is my beautiful sunshine...look at the way the sun reflects off her long silky coat! It is simply beautiful.