Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Lamb

Lambing season has begun. It is such a wonderful time of year. In a couple of days the lambs  will start learning how to play, in a couple of weeks they will be leaping across the green dewy pastures, and in a few months they will be matured little lambs and I will be dreaming of next lambing season.
However, not every lambing season goes flawlessly and sometimes we, as caretakers, must take axtra care for one or another sheep/lamb. This year I am thanking God for His tender mercies and for each lamb that has been born. Mocha, one of our sheep, had triplets this year but decided to pick favorites. In cases like this I will take the little lamb that she regects and care for it myself.
I went to the barn and found out this morning that my little Sopia had not been nursed by her mother. I decided to give her a day and then take matters into my own hands. I went out tonight and found the lamb in the same condition. After some warm formula, 2 ml of Bovi-Sera, one pump of omega 3, this little lamb is very content in my lap. Here is a picture of my sweet little Sopia (meaning -Wisdom) only hours after her birth.

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  1. She is such a darling. So happy she is doing well. She will bring lots of joy! God is Good!