Sunday, May 15, 2011

New happenings..

Bekah and JacobBekah:”Goodbye.”  Jacob: “Don’t say that. This isn’t Goodbye, this is me giving you 23 days to do your makeup and pack your bags to come and see me.”

As a little sister, I am quite excited to share that my sister, Bekah, is entering a new phase of like with a wonderful young man named Jacob.

Bekah flew out to Idaho (that’s where Jacob and his family lives) a couple  months ago and enjoyed spending about a week getting to know Jacob  more. We got to meet Jacob for the first time this week and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. My brothers welcomed him with open arms. I often walked into the living room to see a arm wrestles or other brotherly test of strength. I enjoyed seeing my brothers have so much fun with my sisters future husband.

So what do I think? I think Bekah and Jacob have a true love for each other… not the glimmering Hollywood love but the love that last. The love that will see them through the trials of life. As a little sister, I couldn’t be happier for Bekah.

Until our next chat…

Beth Joy


  1. And so a new phase of your life has begun. As you know, I have a sister as well. And the bond of a sister is something that can't be described or put into words. But my question is this. I know you are very happy and joyful for your sister. But are you ready for your sister to get married and leave you?

  2. Hmmmm.. Something I have thought about often Leigha. By God's grace I will be ready. Now, my flesh wants to keep Bekah all to myself but God has bigger and better plans so I will choose to be joyful whether Bekah lives in Kansas, Idaho or Australia for all I care! Jacob's love for Bekah is real... and I KNOW he will take care of her. :-)