Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The story of the wayward turtle named Justice

018Miranda (Jed’s fiancé) found a wayward turtle today. The turtle was on the highway and had a hawk pecking on its shell. So, Miranda, who has a love for small critters, decided it needed a place to stay.                                                                                                      The turtle is happily living in its own little home and tomorrow will be released into the creek behind our house. It is a beautiful turtle with many markings. I am enjoying watching it play in its water and burrow into the sand. All the children are sitting around watching him and thinking of all the things they should feed him.                                                                                                            russlejusticeNow of course this little critter needs a name. So, Sammy has dubbed him Justice. When I asked why, Sammy replied “because he is quiet and has a hard shell.. just like justice!” So the wayward turtle now has a name and a home. 

Until our next chat…

Beth Joy

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