Friday, June 22, 2012

CHEF Convention and Ramblings

The Lord blessed my family with the opportunity to attend the 2012 CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship) convention. It was a beautiful and blessed  trip. Our family walked away from the event feeling convicted, refreshed, and encouraged. We met dear old friends and sweet new friends, we enjoyed sightseeing, wonderful food, and all in all an abundantly blessed visit to St. Louis Missouri. I hope these photos convay the joy we had while visiting such a lovely place.

The riverfront was such a beautiful area! I could have sat there all evening.

Daniel LOVED this group. He didn't care for them so much when they were holding him but the music made him dance
giggle, and clap his hands. It was precious!

The beautiful riverfront area. I really enjoyed the old looking buildings!

Is that not the most precious face you've ever seen?!

My brother Elisha sketching the beautiful St. Louis river front town.

Me walking down the brick sidewalks.
My gorgeous sister-in-love, Miranda Wood. Isn't
she lovely? I cannot wait to meet Gunner Knox Wood!

And that my friends completes this peak into our trip. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
To God be the glory.
Bethany Joy

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