Friday, June 1, 2012

Growing Up

17th birthday on its way all I can think about is the strange fact that I truly am growing up. Wasn't it just last month that I was making mud pies and playing Cowboys and Indians with my brothers? How did the time fly? Wasn't it just last week I got my first horse? Wasn't it just a few days ago that I felt the Lord leading our family to KS and wondering what lay ahead? Wasn't it all just a day ago....Ah, but time is fleeting and here I am, almost an "adult" and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. As images of my past flitter through my mind the thing I see playing through my life is the faithfulness and love of our Lord over and over and over again. When I was young and my first kitty ran away I remember my parents comforting me and erasing all my worries telling me Jesus would take care of the kitty. When friends came and went my parents were there to remind me who was my best Friend was. When my grandfather moved to the hospital and passed away He was there to comfort my little soul. When Good and Evil fought for my dear brothers and sister (Zeke, Matthew, and Sarah) and I couldn't understand what was happening He was there to encourage and strengthen me. When our family moved to Kansas and I had to sell my beloved horses he taught me lessons that I hold forever dear in my heart. Each time there has been a trial or triumph He has been there. Cheering me on, holding me up, and leading me on. I praise and thank Him for all that he has done. His faithfulness is written all throughout my life, in every chapter, on every page, in every paragraph, and sentence of the story that tells my life.

Praising God,

Bethany Joy

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