Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update and A Fishy Sandwich

My mother blessed me with a Canon T3i this past winter. Now that summer has rolled around I have started using it much more. We bought the camera for our trucking business. We haul for an organic food company that I believe must be one of the best. We actually purchased our food from this company for roughly 15 years before ever even considering hauling product for them. Now we also work on their blog and websites and haul organic and wholesome foods all across the country. I am not the most computer savvy person and I don't plan on becoming a truck driver so I like to provide pictures for the websites instead. It is such a enjoyable "job". I love staging the food, playing backgrounds, and making delicious foods. It is such fun! Azure Standard is actually going to start doing the blogging and websites themselves so I will start posting more recipes and things of that sort over here instead. I will be posting only our favorites with links and item numbers so that you will be able to see what is most affordable  and do-able for your family.

The recipe I am excited to share today is a salmon sandwich. I may not like eating fish myself but I love blessing my papa and brothers. Since they love it so much I have decided to start making more of it. Maybe I might even find I recipe I'll want to try along the way!

Salmon Sandwich:

Makes: 2 sandwiches Time: 3 minutes Difficulty level: Easy

European Multi-grain artisan bread (our new favorite. Item #FG523)

1 can of Pink salmon (Item #GY658)

Mayonnaise (Item #CO032)

Lettuce (coming soon to Azure standard or you can simply pick some from your garden)

Salt and pepper as desired.

Simply spread a little (about 1/2 Tablespoon of mayonnaise) on your bread, put the desired amount of salmon on the bread, add some lettuce, salt and pepper and walah! You have now created a simple, refreshing, masterpiece!

If you have a favorite fishy meal, let me know! I'd love some more recipes.

To God Be The Glory.
Bethany Joy

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