Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Preparing for Texas

Our family is now preparing to take a wonderful little trip to Texas for the Reformation Food and Family Conference. We are simply thrilled to be going! Are you taking any family trips this summer? It can be challenging to take long trips with a large family at times. I'd like to share some tips, tricks, and what we will be doing for our trip to Texas.

Our family likes to plan ahead. We have a list of snacks and meals for the trip. Any snacks have to be mess free. So things like baby carrots, beef sticks, crackers, apples, and fruit chews are all usually in our ice chest.

For our bags we split into three teams (you can split your "teams" how you like). Each team gets one large bag with all their clothes, under garments, socks, etc. They also get a zip lock with their tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss. Depending on the bag it will also have perfume, makeup, hair brushes/combs, or other essential items.

We continue with our teams until the trip is over. Each team keeps their section of the car clean as we are driving and each team stays together as we go sight seeing and travel around. We try to pair people up in groups that will make the trip go smoothly. For example, don't put the three loudest, craziest, messiest kids together. Split them up and pair them with older kids who can help remind them to keep clean and quiet when we are sight seeing.

Let the children bring along one - two toys that they might enjoy.

And that is basically what we will be doing for our trip to keep things organized. We will be taking a u-haul with us to make a little extra room in the car.

If you are taking any trips I would love to hear about what you do to keep things organized!
To God be the Glory.
Bethany Joy

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