Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 things I’ve learned from training…

Workout1 1/2 years ago I was blessed with a wonderful arabian/paint horse. We went through a lot of trust exercises, fixing mistakes, fun games and so much more. My horse is one of my best friends. He is quite a good teacher too! I normally get a funny look right around when I say that so I thought I would share with you four things that Miracle has taught me.

1. Trust

Miracle has the choice to trust me or his instincts (which are normally “RUN AWAY!!!!”). The best thing for him would be to trust me because I will protect him from the “monster” that is about to eat him. – Now, after becoming quite frusterated with him because he wasn’t trusting me with anything and he kept causing himself harm because of it too, I though, “I wonder what God thinks of me?”… Then I started thinking of all the things I needed to hand over to him. So, whenever I look outside and see my horse, one of the things I think of is God’s care for me and my trust in him.

2. Love

Miracle’s full name is “The Lord’s Miraculous Love”. If you want the story behind his name you can read it by clicking on Miracle’s name above. Every time I see Miracle I remember the Lord’s love.

3. Focus (still kind workin on this one)

If Miracle doesn’t focus on me I get quite frustrated and about then the thought pops into my head, “boy, what does God think of me?” I have to work hard to stay focused on the important things in life just like Miracle has to work hard to focus on me.

4. Diligence

I have to stick with what I am doing with Miracle. A little bit of laziness can truly destroy a lot of hard work. Miracle and I work hard at what we are learning. I need to have the same diligence in my spiritual life with the Lord.

Soo… Those are some of the things that God has taught me through Miracle. There have been so many moments with Miracle that have scared me half to death or made me (and I am guessing him too) feel like we could fly. I am very thankful God has brought this horse into my life! And now, I had better get going, Miracle and I have some training to get done.

To God be the glory.

Beth Joy

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  1. Wow! Such great lessons to learn...daily lessons in our lives. Thank you so much for opening your heart like this. What a blessing to be given the gift that God has given you...of being able to see faith-living lessons from working with your beautiful horse. I love when God does that!!!