Friday, July 1, 2011

New Baby in the Wood Home- Daniel Justice

Daniel Justice We have a new baby here in the Wood home. His name is Daniel Justice. We found out about Daniel only 5 or so days ago through a email. We found out that Daniel was going to be our little brother yesterday morning.

Baby colloge

Name Meaning: Daniel- God is my judge, Justice

Daniel is only 10 days old ( and weighs 6 lbs) . He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Our family is learning as much as we can about this. We are hoping that good nutrition will help.

We are all quite excited about Daniel coming to our home. We have all picked out “first” things that we are going to do with him. I am giving Daniel his first horse ride, Josiah is picking his first outfit, Zeke is going to be the first Wood child to hold the baby, some of the kids are picking out first toys, first bath tub, bedding for the crib ect.                                                                                       Yesterday we did some last minute shopping and bought most of what we need for the baby. We got some of the cutest little boy clothes! I am looking forward to the shopping that we are bound to do in the next couple of weeks. Baby shopping is one of my favorite things to do (we already got him his first cowboy outfit)!

I am sure I will have much to post about in the weeks and months to follow. :-)

Until our next chat…

Beth Joy

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