Friday, April 20, 2012

Training Update:

I haven't been able to do very much horse training lately. Something I hope to fix soon. Between studying, work, and plain ol' life I haven't had much spare time! No worries, my horses have great memories and very forgiving spirits. haha!
The most recent thing with the horses has been grooming. In the winter Promise has a 4inch coat and Miracle turns a very dark brown. Now they have lost almost all signs of winter. Miracle has a striking golden bay coat and prances around the pasture with pride. I do believe he thinks he has a rich owner (shhh! nobody pop his bubble..thats dangerous). haha!
Promise is every bit the diva she was formerly named. She loves her mud baths too. If you get the chance to see her not mud covered you will find yourself looking upon a black beauty! She has a very slick coat that shimmers in the sun and makes me think I will have quite a bit of fun with photography this year. :-) Anyways, thats all the update I have for now!

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