Friday, April 6, 2012

Duck Days: Momma Duck

I remember being little and wanting three things... A horse, a little lamb, and a duckling...I wanted to keep them all together in a stall and they would all be best of friends. Well God has blessed us with a whole herd of sheep and lambs and one of which I am bottle feeding (Sophia is her name). Nine ducklings, all of which are adorable. And two beautiful horses. However, none of them get along too well so I don't think they will be sharing a stall any time soon.
Anyways, I am "momma duck" now. Our older ducks despise people holding them and so did my little ducklings for a while but just recently they have decided to call me their mother and start following me around. I now have a little mob of ducklings following me everywhere I go. As a mother duck I have to teach my little ducklings to swim (quite a funny thing to watch). Luckily I don't have to get too wet while teaching them. I have started putting them in bowls of warm water and letting them play. I finally put them in deep water (they have to stretch pretty far to reach the bottom and stay above water). They freaked out a little at first but then they settled down and started having some real fun.

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