Friday, April 6, 2012

Lessons From Bekah: Light

As many of you know, Bekah is an amazing photographer. She sees the world in a totally different light. Bekah got her first "real" camera for her graduation and named it Flash. Being Bekah's buddy in many things I wanted to find out what was so fascinating about this funny thing Bekah called photography. I never would have thought that I'd go from the tripod (my nickname) to actually being the photographer but Bekah has taught me a lot. It is funny how contagious passion is!
Before learning about the wonderful world of photography I loved looking and watching the world around me. The trees dancing, the creek trickling, the children giggling, the horses waving manes, the light.. Oh the light! How I have learned to love it so dearly! I don't believe I have ever been so aware of how beautiful light is... the way it dances on the water, the way it trickles through the I know why  God tells us to be a light... because it is simply irresistible! Something beautiful attracts everyone.


  1. This is exactly how I feel about photography, but I've never been able to express it in words! Miss you guys! :) ~Hagen

  2. We miss you too Hagen! Your family will have to come by again soon. :-) ~Bethany