Thursday, April 5, 2012

Horse Training: Updates

Its been a while since I updated you on my horses. We'll start with Miracle.
I rode him for the first time sucsessfully since October. It was great! We started with the simple "walk and don't kill the rider" then we moved onto some fun "thinking" work at a trot and kept that up for a little while. The whole ride lasted about 15 minutes or so which is a great start for my boy!
The flies have been horrible this year but I finally found something that has been working. "Endure" is what it is called and it killed almost all the flies and other little bugs on contact. I was pretty satisfied! Plus, it is sweat proof! Miracle is sweats like crazy so that has made the search for a good fly spray even harder. If you'd like a natural fly spray and don't have problems with the sweaty horses (like for goats or cows) then Vinagar of the Four Theives works amazing!

Promise- Ah, my dear sweet heart! She has learned to back out of my way during feeding time. She used to be very pushy and would fight me for the food but thanks to God she has improved greatly and her heart is almost in my hands! What a wonderful feeling it is to know that such a beautiful creature trust me with so much? The lessons I have learned while training these two horses are amazing. I am sure I will continue to learn more along this amazing adveture.

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