Friday, May 4, 2012

Marathon Training: To God be the Glory

Okay, so I am like super thin and I eat a ton! It's the craziest thing. The funny thing is that everyone takes one look at me and just assumes that I do a sport of some sort. Football -NO, I cannot throw a football to save my life. Tennis- hand eye coordination is simply something I lack. Soccer- hello? NO hand eye coordination! Basketball- Volley ball- Lets not even go there! I am pretty sure anyone with a camera could have got some funny photos though. Cross country- Zero endurance. I simply am not a sport person.

The funniest thing is that I am now training for a half marathon. I am even considering a triathlon. I know, I think I have lost my mind too. I still lack endurance. I still have to take long strides or I actually trip over my own feet (also pretty funny to watch). The only thing that has changed is my motivation. I desire to ALL things to the glory of God. My youngest brother, Daniel, has a terminal illness called Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and the half marathon we are training for is to raise money for my little brother. If you have ever even seen a picture of my little brother you would be running with me. Who wouldn't run to help a little boy like my brother? I am not sure.

Each morning my mother, brother Elisha, Ezekiel, and I all get ready to go to the gym. As a run on the treadmill, trying to catch my every breath (or at least it seems that way) I can only think of two things. 1st. Something I heard from a book once. "Who's way?" - "His way!" and I will tell myself that as I run. And 2nd. I will start thinking of my little brother Dan and all the other children or adults like him. People who would love to get up a run just once but can't. People who would give just about anything to do what I so often take for granted (pick up a glass of water, sit up on their own, . Usually by the time I think of one of those children or adults, I tell myself, "God gave me a body that could run so I'll do it." You know what? I know I do not run each morning on my strength but His. I am certain of that. So, if I happen to find the strength to complete that half marathon and go onto a traithlon I can guarantee you one thing. It won't be me it will be all Him. I'll be running for all the kids who couldn't and He will be the one seeing me through.

To God be the Glory!

Bethany Joy

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