Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our story of dogs…

050In California we bought a little border collie puppy from a Indian on the mountain. We purchase him for $100. EVERYONE on that mountain wanted our dog after they met him. This dog could separate the neighbors animals from our own, if we were upset at a animal he would take off and bring that animal back to us, if a animal was out he would put them right back in their pens without us saying a word. This dog was amazing! However, we sold him because of a long move we were making. We didn’t realize how great he was until we moved to KS though.

We researched border collies some more and decided we needed to get another one. The nearest breeder was in TX. We talked to the breeder and decided to meet half way (in OK). We picked up the mearl blue border collie and pain $500 for him (not counting gas). We were excited to get this pup home and see what he could do. As this dog got older we realized we bought a $500 chicken killer. We sold him (after loosing 100 chickens to him) to a woman that lived in the city.

Soon after, our neighbor dropped off a Cocker Spaniel puppy. Cocker Spaniels are bird dogs but we decided to give him a chance. After a couple encounters with the chickens he learned to stay away from our feathery friends. He has been a great (and free) addition to our farm. Only, he is kind of small…like really small. We often had people drive down our drive way in the middle of the night and were not comfortable with this since my papa is often gone on the road.

So, we purchased another dog, Bear. He was a VERY shy and timid Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix. We weren’t sure how well this little scared pup could defend our farm. But, to our great pleasure, Bear has been WONDERFUL. He loves all the animals dearly and often follows me around the property. I haven’t seen a deer print in my garden since and there are a lot less night visitors too. What most people don’t know is, Bear is still a VERY timid dog and although he has a big bark, rolls over when he realizes you’re his friend.

I got a picture of him guarding our milk cow a few weeks ago. It was simply adorable!

Until Our next chat…

Beth Joy

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