Sunday, February 19, 2012

Horse Training: After much Searching...

My parents blessed me with Promise on December 19th 2011. Full of fluff and spirit she stole my heart. Through my horse training journey I have learned that my feelings are not always mutral. It takes respect before I ever achieve their loyalty and love. I spend a lot of time "relationship training" and often use treats as a way to reward their good behavior. It makes training a little difficult when your horse doesn't want anything to do with you. I can't even get the little thing to nibble a carrot, she won't touch a apple, and don't even get me started about horse treats! After almost three months of pain staking searching and many hours of attempts of winning this little girls heart, I am finally seeing hope. She has gone from kicking and biting to tolerating and now to almost enjoying my company. I was very excited by this improvement in her attitude but I still wanted a way to reward her for her good behavior. I tried again apples and carrots. Shredded, chopped, mixed with oats, but nothing held her interest! She didn't more than sniff the food I offered her.
This morning as I snacked on some frozen milk chocolate chips I thought of how much my sweet Miracle enjoyed chocolate doughnuts then the idea hit me.... What does most every girl love more than anything else? Yes! CHOCOLATE!!!! I excitedly walked into the barn stopped and listened for her soft nicker that I have become accostomed to hearing each morning. There is was so I continued my way to her stall, held out my hand with great expectation, felt her breath deep the aroma of the sweet chocolate, felt her soft wiskers tickle my hand, and then watched as she licked up one chocolate chip at a time! It may not be the healthiest treat but it is a start in the right direction. I'll keep you updated as we go.
Have a great evening!
Only because of His Love,
        Bethany Joy

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