Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something Worth Waiting For

Rose in The Snow

Sometimes in life all we see is the cold harsh winds of life. If you persevere though and wait diligently soon you will see something beautiful. At the end of fall I anxiously await the snow that comes with winter. It simply delights my soul to see the fences and bare tree branches graced sweetly with a thick layer of snow. This winter I have had to wait especially long for it. I am sure I will soon tire of trudging through the snow to feed our animals and soon my heart will ache to see the blossoms of spring again. I simply love the garden. I like the feeling of the soft petals of the rose against my finger tips, I like the smell of the sweet blossoms in the air, I like the way the breeze gently rustles through the trees as I work. I simply love it all! The one thing no one can seem to change is the seasons though. We persevere through each season and change of weather the same way we should persevere through each season of life. Some seasons are bright and merry while others seem dim but no matter which season we are in there is always something worth waiting for.

To God be the Glory and Honor Forever.

Bethany Joy

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