Monday, December 19, 2011

Recap on the Past 6 Weeks and a Beloved Promise

Well, where should I start? I suppose the beginning is the best place to start.

Deciding and Traveling to California-

I honestly enjoy helping people. My passion is medicine and natural healing. However, I’ll help where ever I am needed and with whatever I am needed to do. In this case it was Madera, California. It was a long trip to California but as usual, I enjoyed the time with my papa, brother and sister-in-love.

California Visit-

As most of you know, I have been visiting my grandparents for the past 6 weeks and helping around their home. We organized closets, cabinets and drawers. We also worked on some craft projects and organized my grandmother’s office. My cousins had the chance to visit. It was quite a lot of fun! We talked about ‘old times’ and shared a wonderful few evenings together.

I learned more, laughed a lot and even cried a little. It was a wonderful time! 

The Long Journey Home-

I do believe that the words “Topeka, KS” or “HWY K-4” never sounded so sweet. The drive seemed unending and the playful banter really was. The car was packed and I am positive that Santa’s sleigh has never even been that full. After many long hours we arrived home last night at 9:06 PM. Dogs barking, children shouting and lots of hugs and kisses awaited us. It was a wonderful greeting!

A Promise to Remember-

I could not contain my excitement as we were greeted by the children, dogs and my parents. I missed everyone a great deal! The greatest surprise awaited me still. As we walked around the home chatting and talking about all the decorations I noticed one thing, the extreme excitement of my mother. She could hardly contain herself and I was almost sure that it wasn’t entirely because of our return home. After watching my momma and papa whisper for a moment I was called to the living room and seated beside my momma. She handed me a purple folder and told me with a smile that lit her entire face that she couldn’t keep my Christmas gift a secret any longer. I opened the folder and in the folder was a letter from Maria telling me everything I needed to know about a little paint filly and congratulating me on my new Sweet Heart. I stared at it in disbelief and asked if I could go out to the barn to see her. Of course I was followed by Bekah and the other children and what awaited me was a beautiful little paint filly with a tender little heart. I’ll have to share more details about my little Promise and pictures in the weeks to come but for now, that is the end of a recap on a very delightful 6 weeks.

With Love and many Holiday Wishes,

Beth Joy

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