Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am so undeserving…

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I don’t deserve the smiles he brings me each time I look at him. I don’t deserve the laughter he has brought into our home. I don’t deserve his little hand holding mine ever so tight. I don’t deserve any of these great blessings yet, the Lord has seen fit to give me an abundance of them in my life. Thank the Lord for such sweet gifts!

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Daniel loves to hear the beating of someone’s heart… it is just precious!


Aren’t those feet just perfect!? I love kissing his sweet little feet and counting his toes as we play together.


Oh, how I love that sweet little face. So very precious he is!

053 (7)

How he does love the camera!

063 (5)

And his contagious smile! I cannot help but smile and laugh when I see his sweet face!

Until next time my dear friends…

To God be the glory!

Beth Joy

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